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A New Beginning starts shipping today

After a lengthy period of high anticipation, it's finally time to get started on A New Beginning, as Lace Mamba Global has released the game today in the UK.

A New Beginning itself begins with the end of the world as we know it, and we have only ourselves to blame. With environmental disaster ready to wipe out the last remaining human survivors in the year 2500, the only hope is to travel back in time to stave off the crisis before it's too late. After one failed time jump, it's finally left to a young woman named Fay to convince a cynical old scientist that his algae-based alternative fuel source is the key to the planet's survival. But even then, will the pair be able to overcome the greed, doubt, and apathy of a world that would rather just maintain the status quo?

The game is available today at all major UK retailers, and includes a soundtrack CD and a double-sided poster. For full details on A New Beginning, be sure to check out our four-star review.

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