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Gray Matter, Black Mirror II and III appearing soon in North America

For North American adventure gamers these days, "What about us?" has become a common refrain. Today there's a welcome answer to that question, as Viva Media has just announced an agreement with dtp to publish Jane Jensen's Gray Matter, along with Black Mirror II and III in the coming months.

Gray Matter, of course, represents Jensen's long-awaited return to the adventure genre. Controlling both American magician Sam Everett and British neurobiologist David Styles, players must try to work out who or what is behind a series of seemingly supernatural phenomena that are somehow linked to Styles' experiments, designed to test psychic ability in the human brain. For full details about the game, check out our recent Gray Matter review. The game is scheduled to be published in North America in February.

Black Mirror II has been available in Europe for some time, but the dark thriller, now subtitled Reigning Evil, is arriving in North America just in time for the third and final installment to arrive worldwide. The second game stars a whole new protagonist than the original Black Mirror, as young American Darren Michaels is inexorably drawn back to the town of Willow Creek and Black Mirror Castle. The third game, which will include the subtitle The Final Fear, will pick up where the second left off, though this time Darren is arrested on suspicion of arson and murder. With no memory of the events, even Darren isn't sure of the truth, as his increasingly disturbing nightmares suggest that he's rapidly losing his grasp of reality. Both games are scheduled to for retail release in February/March.


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Community Comments

Latest comments (2 total)

Yes! Thanks, Viva Media, for stepping up and delivering Gray Matter!

Jan 12, 2011

Happy to have confirmation for all these great games coming to NA. I imported BM2 because I couldn’t wait, really glad that BM3 is coming soon.  The only thing I can’t stand is the cheesy title changes they make for American audiences, like they have to turn everything into a bad pulp novel. Sometimes the title and cover changes actually make the games look like generic and crappy action/horror things that I wouldn’t even look into if I didn’t already know what they were.
An example is Deadly Premonition. I thought it was like Saw or something, based on the cover and title. I would never have taken a second look at it until someone showed me the actual gameplay. The Asian version immediately indicates to you that it is a mystery with investigating and whatnot. But you know, Americans are too dumb for that. eh. ANYWAY, good news about these games!!!

Jan 12, 2011
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