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Third Sam & Max episode now heading out the door

Max has always been a little out of his mind, but he loses it altogether in They Stole Max's Brain!, the third episode of The Devil's Playhouse, released today by Telltale.

In the mid-season episode, Sam discovers his little hyperkinetic rabbity buddy with his noodle completely missing, prompting the canine shamus to go on a noirish rampage to locate the perpetrator. Even after discovering the pilfered grey matter, however, it's no small task to reunite it with Max's body, as other forces are after the unique psychic powers it contains.

They Stole Max's Brain! is available on PC and Mac now from the official website as part of the full-season Devil's Playhouse, and is expected later today on the PlayStation Network in North America.

For full details about this episode, be sure to check out our review of the game.

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