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So Blonde lands on UK shores this month

After a long wait for an English release of So Blonde, not only is the game at last destined for UK shores, but it's coming soon, as Eidos Interactive today announced its plans to publish the comic adventure on September 26th.

Originally released in Germany earlier this year, So Blonde tells the story of Sunny, a spoiled and shallow teenager who becomes shipwrecked on a tropical island following a storm that hits her luxury cruise. For Sunny, it's bad enough that she now needs to learn how to deal without her precious conveniences, but making matters worse is that the storm has somehow magically transported her centuries in time, back to the age of cutthroat pirates.

The PC version of So Blonde is not to be confused with the recently announced Nintendo version, now in production for Wii and DS, which follows the same basic premise but tells an alternate story from the original title.

For more information about So Blonde, be sure to check out our preview of the game and pop over to the official website.

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