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Nikopol’s secrets revealed in playable demo

With the release of Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals just around the corner, Got Game has released a playable demo of White Birds' game adapation of Enki Bilal's graphic novels.

In Nikopol, players assume the first-person role of struggling artist Alcide Nikopol in Paris, 2023. Although only a few years in the future, Bilal's unique vision of the world is much different than our own, with a power-hungry dictator controlling the city as a pyramid inhabited by Egyptian gods floats overhead. Set against a backdrop of political turmoil, Nikopol begins a search for his father, a missing astronaut who may just be a pawn between the two competing powers.

The playable section challenges players with the task of getting Nikopol out of his shabby apartment to meet a religious order, but first he'll need to create a portrait of his father, then escape a monstrous police creature in the first of the game's timed elements. Note that you cannot save your progress mid-game in the demo, so leave yourself ample time to explore.

The demo is available as a 354 MB download from Got Game's Nikopol website.

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