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The Whispered World website both seen and heard

Some things you just can't keep quiet. Like, say... the launch of the English website for The Whispered World.

The official site for Daedalic's upcoming fantasy adventure includes a smattering of information about the game and a healthy serving of its impressive hand-painted artwork, accompanied by a sample of the orchestral sountrack. In The Whispered World, a young but sincere circus clown named Sadwick experiences a dream that foretells of the end of the world unless he is able to stop it. Despite the doubts of his family and the potential dangers that await, Sadwick sets out with his pet caterpillar Spot to the wild Autumn Forest and beyond in order to prevent the impending catastrophe.

The game is currently targeting a release in the fourth quarter of this year, though a German release almost certainly will predate an international English version. In the meantime, for a more detailed glimpse into The Whispered World, stay tuned for an upcoming preview of the game right here at Adventure Gamers.

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To hear that the release date is as early as Q4 is extremely delightful!

Jul 26, 2008
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