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The Experiment now shipping to retailers

Many gamers have been anxiously waiting to get their hands on The Experiment, and that chance will soon come in North America, as The Adventure Company announced today that the game is shipping to retailers.

Of course, given the unique nature of The Experiment (released earlier in Europe as Experience112), perhaps it's more accurate to say "keep their hands off" the game, as players are not given direct control of the adventure. Instead of guiding the visible protagonist around on screen, players assume the first-person role of an anonymous character situated in the control room of a grounded, dilapidated ship. From that detached perspective, you direct the progress of a woman you can see and hear through the surveillance monitors as she attempts to escape the ship and uncover the circumstances that led each of you to be there. You cannot communicate with her directly, however, so you'll need to find ways to strategically lead her through one obstacle after another, using only the sophisicated technology at your disposal, including such things as the ship's intranet, light intensifiers, heat detectors, and cameras on remote-control vehicles.

It should be noted that the game is more demanding on PCs than most adventures, so players with lower-end systems might want to check out the game's demo, available from the official website.

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