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All systems are go for Experience112 (aka The Experiment) demo

After an earlier attempt to post a demo that resulted only in a program that wouldn't run, Micro Application and Lexis Numérique have updated the downloadable file for Experience112 (now re-named The Experiment in North America), allowing players to finally try out the upcoming adventure for themselves.

A highly unusual game that allows only indirect influence over the action, Experience112 puts players at the helm of the controls of a grounded, dilapidated ship. From that detached vantage point, it's your task to guide Professor Lea Nichols through the ship to safety, all the while trying to piece together the events of what happened to put you both there. By manipulating systems such as surveillance cameras, light intensifiers, and thermal vision, you'll need to guide Professor Nichols through a series of environmental and human obstacles without the benefit of direct communication.

The demo takes place at the beginning of the game, easing players into the unique and rather complex control scheme. The 600 MB download can be found at the game's official website.

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