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Apollo Justice tries out for new Ace Attorney

The many fans of Capcom's popular Ace Attorney series will be pleased to know that the fourth game in the series, known in Japan by the name of Gyakuten Saiban 4, is reportedly being prepared for an international release. As revealed on the NeoGAF forum, Phoenix Wright producer Minae Matsukawa confirmed at the recent Japan Expo in Paris that the game will be brought to Europe under the name Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.

As is evident by the change in title, the fourth Ace Attorney game no longer features the spikey-haired eponymous hero of the first three Phoenix Wright games. The original saga will conclude in the upcoming Trials and Tribulations, paving the way for Apollo Justice to become the new "ace attorney" as the series moves forward.

The more promising aspect of the new game, however, is that it marks the first time in the series that a game has been designed from the start for the DS, as all other games were originally created for the Gameboy and later ported. To date, only the final case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney was developed exclusively for the DS, taking advantage of the system's unique features like the dual screens, touch capability and microphone to enhance gameplay possibilities.

There is currently no timeframe for the European release of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, nor any confirmation of a North American release, though the popularity of the series suggests that such an occurrence is only a matter of time.

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