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Sol705 campaign

Roaches raiding the UK

How long does it take a cockroach to cross the Atlantic? The answer is either eleven years or three years, depending on the starting point, but at long last Bad Mojo has arrived, and is shipping to retailers across the UK.

Originally released back in 1996, the critically acclaimed "roach game" was updated and re-released in North America as Bad Mojo Redux in 2004. The game being sold in the UK by XIDER Games is the Redux version, which includes better Windows support, a recent version of QuickTime, higher-quality videos, and additional behind-the-scenes bonus content.

Bad Mojo's unique -- and to some, disgusting -- premise casts players in the role of an actual cockroach, the results of an unfortunate curse inflicted on shady scientist Roger Samms. In order to reverse the curse and perhaps help Roger learn something about his past in the process, players must navigate the insect through the natural environmental obstacles that are now deadly traps to avoid.

Bad Mojo Redux will retail at a cost of £9.99 in the UK. For more information about the game, be sure to check out our Bad Mojo Redux review.

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