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Ancient Egypt coming to a handheld near you

There's good news for DS owners: Xider, the new international arm of German publisher BHV, will be porting Deck13's Egyptian-themed point-and-clicker Ankh to the handheld platform. The DS version of Ankh, which will follow the same story as the original PC version, is scheduled to be released in Europe this August.

According to an Xider representative, the Ankh port will feature scaled-down versions of the original PC game's environments and character animations, with controls and character navigations handled with the stylus. The game's interface is being redesigned to make use of the DS's dual screens, with a top-down map and inventory on the top screen, and the playable area accessible from the touch screen. Although the DS cartridge size will prevent the game from being fully voiced, Ankh may have some voice lines interspersed with on-screen text--a first for a DS adventure game.

Several DS adventures have been announced in the past few months, including a new Nancy Drew game and an adaptation of White Birds' upcoming Sinking Island, but Ankh will be the first DS port of an existing PC adventure game. For an overview of Ankh's story and gameplay, check out Adventure Gamers' review.

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