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Sam & Max: Episode 2 details unveiled

While Sam & Max once had a sitcom of their own, now they've got a Situation: Comedy due up next. Along with the first screenshots released, the title of episode two from the first season of Sam & Max games was one of the details revealed today by GameTap and Telltale.

Featuring several new locations and characters along with some familiar faces from Culture Shock, the new episode involves a TV talkshow host named Myra Stump, who has taken her audience hostage. This is clearly a job for the Freelance Police, who motor down to the studio, but first have to "prove they're worthy of 15 minutes of fame before they can get onto Myra's stage."

Episode 2 is currently targeting a December 21 release date exclusively on GameTap, followed by a worldwide downloadable release on Telltale's own site on January 5th.

In the meantime, there are still the promised Sam & Max machinima shorts to look forward to. The first of these is scheduled for release on GameTap today, and unveiled on Telltale's website next Monday. The following two shorts will follow the same staggered release pattern as the first.

Details on Sam & Max: Episode 2 - Situation: Comedy

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