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Secret Files: Tunguska touches down in North America

With Halloween upon us, The Adventure Company served up a treat today as the publisher announced that Secret Files: Tunguska has shipped to retailers across North America.

Released in Europe last month, Tunguska is a fictional conspiracy tale based on the real 1908 explosion in central Siberia that devastated thousands of square miles of forest. The third-person point-and-click adventure casts players in the role of Nina Kalenkov, whose father has disappeared and seems connected to his research into the Tunguska phenomenon. Along with Max, a second playable character, Nina will "explore some of the most fascinating corners of the world: Berlin, Moscow, Cuba, China, and the Antarctic", but she'll soon discover that "powerful adversaries are interested in her father's findings which are veiled in a shroud of secrecy."

For more information about Secret Files: Tunguska, be sure to read our recent review of the game.

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