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Secret Files: Tunguska delayed in UK

The release of Secret Files: Tunguska experienced a setback today, as Deep Silver announced a delay of approximately two weeks in the UK.

While delays are commonplace and two weeks is negligible, the notable aspect of today's announcement is the reason behind the wait. On the game's official forum, Deep Silver's Community Manager Daniel Oberlerchner revealed that with the game already printed, packaged, and ready for distribution, a bug was noticed that prevented two cutscenes from triggering properly. Rather than proceed to ship a faulty product to unsuspecting customers, the publisher decided to scrap the entire initial production and correct the error before releasing the game to the public.

In an ideal world, a publisher releasing only technically stable products wouldn't be news at all, of course. However, in an industry where "release now, patch later" often seems to be the operating principle, any publisher showing a commitment to quality deserves to be commended.

The new tentative release date for Secret Files: Tunguska in the UK is September 29th. The North American version of the game is targeted for the middle of this month.

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