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Ankh now available worldwide

The highly anticipated new comic adventure, Ankh, is now available to gamers around the world. While the release of the boxed version in the UK was expected, publisher bhv Software has also made the game available for download.

Priced at 26.99 GBP, the game is available in English, Spanish, Dutch, and Italian. For an additional 6.21 GBP, you can also order a backup CD. While this is more expensive than the retail version at places like Amazon UK, the download should be welcome news in areas where a release has not yet been announced (North America included).

Ankh is set in ancient Egypt, and tells a very tongue-in-cheek story of a young man named Assil. The cartoon-styled 3D point & click adventure follows Assil in his frustrated efforts to seek an audience with the Pharaoh in order to reverse a mummy's death curse.

Details on Ankh

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