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Reader reviews for STASIS

Adventure Gamers Reader reviews, read what other adventure gamers think of STASIS.

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Latest reader reviews

Stars - 25

Rating by Lizard of Oz posted on Sep 10, 2019 | edit | delete

Technically excellent, but predictable

I followed the game almost from the very beginning, and I could not wait to get my hands on it. But while I really enjoyed the game’s artwork and atmosphere, I never felt any of the sense of desolation and fear that was part of the protagonist’s experience, and I was unable to relate to the tragedy that unfolded, even though it was all visible on my screen. Maybe that’s because the game was completely predictable for anyone with a passing interest in sci-fi/horror. Finished the game because it was technically so excellent and visually stunning, and I do hope the creators will make something great next time

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Time Played: Under 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

Stars - 45

Rating by desillusion84 posted on Dec 20, 2017 | edit | delete

Stars - 45

Rating by LiloneePetra2015 posted on Jun 9, 2016 | edit | delete

Stars - 30

Rating by Cheshire Cat posted on May 16, 2016 | edit | delete

Stars - 40

Rating by cygma posted on Mar 19, 2016 | edit | delete

Stars - 25

Rating by Overmann.ita posted on Dec 11, 2015 | edit | delete

No fun in here

Highly disappointing game. Some things about Stasis are really good, like the 3D environments and the musical score, that create an astounding atmosphere.

The problem is that, once you take technical parts apart, you end up with a boring game with a terrible story. It’s not a matter of lack of originality, it’s just plain bad: a clichèd B-movie centered on shocking the player with disturbing scenes, while forgetting about plot consistency, balance and characters.
That is, you won’t stick to it for the story.

The puzzles are often illogical and you are just tempted to try everything on everything. You don’t have dialogues or real riddle-like machines, just inventory-based puzzles with few items in a limited number of rooms: difficulty is obtained through unintuitive, illogical combinations, and this is no fun.

The game is full of diaries to read, but they break the rythm, increase the boredom and decrease the fun once again…

I would recommend this game only to fans of horror sci-fi that don’t care about interesting plots, and just like the idea of exploring a beatifully rendered spaceship where bad things happened. The strong and consistent atmosphere is what saves this game from being just a negative experience.

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Time Played: 5-10 hours

Stars - 50

Rating by Dan123 posted on Dec 8, 2015 | edit | delete

It just gets you there

Fancy that feeling of looking with the corner of your eye in the shadows when you play at night? Well, this game is sure to deliver on that promise. Great immersive feeling. Man, I’m telling you, you’re on that ship exploring. The sound effects are brilliant, one of the best I’ve come across so far. Voice acting is just perfect with nice accents are quite good. Plot is not bad, and develops itself at a comfortable rate, although there is a bit of reading along the way if you want to know about everybody’s past you come across. Maybe a bit predictable towards the end, but none the less, that feeling of being present on that ship never fades. Graphics are just spectacular and the cinematics are perfect in every way. A great effort on the part of these guys. Thanks mates

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Time Played: 10-20 hours
Difficulty: Just Right

Stars - 35

Rating by Tompika72 posted on Oct 7, 2015 | edit | delete

Well… I finished it, enjoyed it, although the game has several flaws. First of all, the whole story. As I played, I had a feeling that I´ve seen/heard this already, far from any original idea. Puzzles… The whole game is just too easy, and this is a serious problem, as it is pretty short too. You cannot skip dialogues, I didn´t like the PDA´s although some contains useful information, reading them felt like a waste of time, an obstacle in my way of exploration. Smile And some more, but these were the main problems for me. Why is it worthy to play it then? Because it has a great atmosphere, really. Lots of exploration, so despite all of it´s flaws, i recommend to everyone to give it a try.

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Time Played: 5-10 hours
Difficulty: Very Easy

Stars - 50

Rating by Creativio posted on Oct 21, 2018 | edit | delete

Stars - 40

Rating by Hristovski posted on Oct 23, 2018 | edit | delete

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