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Discover Adventure Games

Discover new Adventure Games! Make a selection below and we'll filter down and recommend you games you might like!

We have 1244 adventure games in our database, matching your search criteria (First-Person). If you're looking for a specific game, try using our adventure game search page. You're currently on page 104 (of 104).

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Polarware/Penguin Software  (1984)

The Quest

You, as the king’s newest advisor, must accompany his champion, Gorn, on a mission to rid the kingdom of a vengeful dragon terrorizing the southern provinces.

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Byron Preiss Multimedia  (1984)

Fahrenheit 451

The time is not too long from now. The place is New York City.

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Telarium  (1984)

Amazon (Michael Crichton’s)

The Amazon jungle. Volcanic, dangerous, still unexplored.

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Interplay  (1984)

The Tracer Sanction

The Wing is an interplanetary criminal. Your adversary.

» Full game details
Beam Software  (1982)

The Hobbit

Bilbo, the reluctant hobbit, must accompany Gandalf the Wizard and Thorin the dward to slay the evil dragon and return the treasure he is hoarding.

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Stephen O’Dea and Bob Withers  (1981)

The Black Sanctum

Encounter the forces of black magic as you roam around an old 18th century monastery.

» Full game details
Saber Software  (1981)

Demon’s Forge

Banished by the Kng for killing four Palace guards in a pub brawl, you have been sent to the caverns of Demon’s Forge.

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