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Outpost 9 Demo

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Joined 2014-09-28


(I’m sorry if self-promotion isn’t allowed)

I’ve been designing a text-based point and click adventure called Outpost 9, A Sci-Fi/Horror Text Based Adventure Game in which you must outsmart an unwanted alien presence inside your base and hold out ten days for a rescue crew.

If you’d like to play the game, head over here

Thank you loads


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Joined 2017-03-20


Neat idea and I love the style! If it’s just in Unity, do you think you could throw a Mac build up? My PC has been sputtering the last week, gotta hit it with a hammer.


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Joined 2003-11-23


I liked the ambience. It probably helps that I am in the mood for horror/sci-fi stories recently — watched the original Alien just a couple of weeks ago — but I really dig the feeling of sense of dread and of the unknown you accomplished with minimal sound and graphics. Well done. Thumbs Up Also, there was a lot of characters introduced very sketchily, in very quick succession, but I was reasonably interested to learn more of their stories and relationships (and see their demises).

This is, however, practically undermined by one very unfortunate design decision: the full room description being sliced into many chunks and repeating after every action. It seemed to me like padding used to hide the fact that the gameplay is very simplistic choose-your-own-adventure, and was only frustrating. I played the demo till my character was killed, the program gave no clue on whether that was inevitable (another mistake, IMO), and when I think of all the needless clicking ahead of me, I am not interested in restarting to find out.


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