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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Saturday 04 April 2015

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Joined 2013-08-26


This month’s text adventure is Journey: The Quest Begins (1989). Infocom’s last game. Frown  They made 30+ great adventures, with only one or two weak ones, like Moonmist.

Journey is exceptional in the sense that the player doesn’t type input. The game offers you clickable options. You’re on a quest with a party of four, so the usual fantasy creatures are around: elves, wizards, orcs. Nice graphics. I liked that the four members have different skills and different comments on the environment and objects. A bit RPG-like, but without the elements I hate (stats, potions, etcetera). 


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It’s rare for me to take an interest in text adventures, but digging the art in your picture and loving classic adventure tales I looked further into the game and decided that this is something I need to give a try. Thanks, Karlok!


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I enjoyed Journey quite a bit. I liked the story and writing (though I’m not a native English speaker, so take that with the amount of salt it deserves). It was advertised as a trilogy, and I would have loved to see where the story went from there, but alas…

At the same time, it’s a maddeningly unforgiving game. The last time I played it, I made it almost to the very end only to find that I had inadvertently used up the magical essence I needed to proceed. And the first time you do reach the end, you’ll probably find you’ve missed the clues you need to solve it by anything other that trial and error.

But even so, it remains one of my fondest gaming memories of that era, and just looking at that picture makes me want to play it again.


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