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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Tuesday 20 January 2015

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Silent Steel (1995) is an interactive movie. Published by Tsunami Media. What’s in a name. Smile

You are the captain of a submarine. Patrolling, keeping us safe. It’s your job to make the right decisions. Not easy. The movie only stops when your men need you to tell them what to do, but choosing the right dialogue option is for the most part a matter of trial-and-error. At least it was for me, I didn’t really feel at home in this man’s world with unfamiliar naval terms. So I died a lot.

As an IM fan, I wanted to like Silent Steel. The acting is excellent. I liked the sarcastic remarks and male humor. But the screens inside the submarine (there are also some cut scenes of the outside world) don’t get much more exciting than this one of four guys examining something, I think it was some kind of tracking device. Either the crew are busy doing their jobs or they’re looking straight in the camera, waiting for your orders. The plot is predictable: attacks, torpedoes, victory.


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