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The best James Bond actor thread


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TimovieMan - 16 January 2015 04:33 PM

Except that it didn’t fully stop and shifted towards “too much Bourne influence”. The “Bourne influence” is imo a modern (and frankly, necessary) take on the Bond character. Bond needs to get with the times, and that was what this reboot was all about: keeping the suave attitude, but making the style more no-nonsense, more fitting for a post 9/11 world…

It also helps that Casino Royale and Skyfall are two kickass movies. Cool

I felt the same, and had feared I was becoming a lone voice on alt.fan.james-bond with my incessant banter about adopting a more ‘Literary Bond’ approach in the films, which I really feel they accomplished wie some of Dalton and Brosnan’s more serious work, but didn’t fully cement until Craig and the reboot. Bourne may have been the most high-profile of the serious ‘Suspense/thriller/espionage’ films, but he wasn’t the only one. The times demanded a new Bond formula. I only feel bad that Pierce didn’t get to play it the way he wanted to, because he could have beat all those other spy films to the punch and shut them up. Babs and Mike waited too long to retool. Fortunately, they eventually made the right choice… even if Owen was my choice in place of Craig. The movies are as strong as they needed to get, now.


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Lee, we agree on a lot of points regarding the Bond films.

Just not on OHMSS, but that film is a base-breaker, so it’s understandable. Tongue

Also glad to see some more love for Dalton, and finally someone that agrees that the first half of Die Another Day was good! Thumbs Up


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yeah totally connery for me! moore is a close second though


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As an 8 year old kid I started watching the Bond with my dad when they aired on a weekly basis on TV, but I only started watching from Live and Let die and onwards, so for me it was Roger Moore….that is until my parents bought me the complete James Bond boxset when I was 12 and I started watching them from the beginning. Then it became clear to me Sean Connery is the undisputed no.1


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Love most of his movies, but for me Moore was by far the worst Bond. I always thought he was a bit too old and didn’t really suit the role. The romance between him and the teenage ice skater was also one of the most cringeworthy moments in movie history.

My top 3 Bonds are Connery, Craig and Dalton.

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