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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Sunday 07 September 2014

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Peter Gabriel’s Eve (1996) is a multimedia experience. Four interactive worlds: Mud, The Garden, Profit, and Paradise with the common theme of Adam and Eve. You interact and play with objects and art in the real-world photographs to be rewarded with Peter’s music, images, animations, or to find your way to the next screen. No puzzles in the traditional sense. Still, I got stuck several times, partly because the hotspots are very small and the pixel hunting was frustrating.

You run into Peter Gabriel himself from time to time.  The four worlds also feature works of four visual artists I hadn’t heard of: Yayoi Kusama, Helen Chadwick, Cathy de Monchaux, and Nils-Udo. They were the best part of the experience for me, in particular Nils-Udo with his nature art in Paradise. The game comes with a small book, which is much more than a manual. Beautiful photographs, information about the artists and various aspects of the game. 


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Nice!, a Peter Gabriel’s game, I have to look this up, esp the soundtracks!


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