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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Sunday 20 July 2014

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Journey (2012) for the PS3 got raving reviews. It looked like my type of game, mysterious and beautiful with lots of exploration. But I don’t have a PlayStation and I’m not willing to buy one just for a couple of games. So when I got the opportunity to play Journey at a friend’s place a couple of months ago, my expectations were high. Too high perhaps. I had to get used to the PS controls and other people were commenting on the game or wanted to try it as well. I met two fellow travellers in the game and didn’t understand what they wanted from me. Frown It would have been better if I could have played it all by myself. Still, I was disappointed in all the running and flying around and I don’t really care if I never get to finish it.

Other opinions?


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I felt pretty underwhelmed by Journey. It seemed incomplete and the lore didn’t interest me but the multiplayer aspect was clever. The best feeling in game was understanding another player who was communicating in movement alone. The actual game part seemed like scraps that were cut from Ico. Finding switches, hiding from sea monsters, wind hazards… It didn’t really do it for me.


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It’s really smart co-op design, the game is really simple, so no means of communication except from the movements and sounds is needed. It’s small to make it possible to play in one sitting with the same person. The beautiful graphics and sound design make is an engrossing experience.
Flow I didn’t get, thought Flower was good but didn’t care to replay it, but Journey was something else for me.


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