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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Tuesday 25 February 2014


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Joined 2003-10-05


Last Half of Darkness (2000) is the 4th of 8 games in this long running series that got its start way back in 1989, the last game being released in 2011. The developer doesn’t seem overly proud of this particular installment, but you can’t escape your past on the Internet, especially when people like me have boxed copies to post screenshots from. The later games in the series are definitely better than this one though. I made sure to catch the lightning in this scene for extra spookiness…


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Really liked some of the halves I played, although for some time I thought it was my own guilty pleasure. Turns out the series have their own stable fanbase. And I can understand them: it’s like playing a horror B-movie from 70-80s. The mood, the crazy blend of horror themes, cliches and cheap scares for the sake of fun. More popular games like Scratches or Dark Fall felt more polished and “modern” in that sense. I’d like to see more of those.


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The first three were the best in my eyes and the scariest too. I didn’t like the modern 1st person ones much as they seemed a bit half-hearted, but I very much enjoyed the latest 3rd person LHoD.


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