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All-time favourite movies?


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What I like about the film is that both interpretations actually work. On one hand, it’s a universal depiction of an existential crisis. We do not see him doing anything other than examining and collecting insects before he is captured so I think he comes to the conclusion that the life outside the pit isn’t really worth it. On the other hand, the film is also seen as critique of the Japanese society - how it drives men to work like slaves. Seeing the end result as “brainwashing” supports that view. On top of that I love how the camera manages to capture the protagonist’s state of mind so vividly.


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It’s all gone Pete Tong, a hidden Gem. It’s about a DJ superstar, living on Ibiza, who goes completely deaf. Great movie.


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My all time favourite film is New Moon from the Twilight Saga, i like all the films but this one is the best


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i just saw dances with wolves for the first time and it’s amazing


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I’ll make it quick in 10 numbers, although I’ll cheat a bit.

Back to the Future Trilogy - my all-time favourite, watched it like millions of times, perfect blend of comedy, sci-fi and adventure.
The Dollars Trilogy - the best the Western genre can suggest, along with Once Upon a Time. Leone + Morricone = win.
The Sequels Trilogy - made it up, but it’s a perfect way to describe Mad Max 2, Terminator 2 and Aliens, three sequels to three cult sci-fi/action films of the 1980s that surpass the originals in every way.
City of Lost Children - love at first sight, extremely beautiful and stylish tale, unlike the horrible game.
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels - this and Snatch are the reasons why I will always put Guy Ritchie ahead of Tarantino.
Dersu Uzala - By no means I’m a fan of Akira Kurosawa, but Dersu just gets under your skin, a stunning film about man and nature.
They Live! - I love early John Carpenter, and this is probably his most angry satire on modern society, even without Kurt Russel.
Brazil - and this is Terry Gilliam’s take on similar subject. Better than the “1984” film (and book, to be fair).
Steamboat Bill, Jr. - Buster Keaton is the king of physical comedy to me, and this is the best demonstration of his skills.
Gattaca - a very underrated and emotionally charged gem about future, eugenics and the will to win.


PC means personal computer

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Lord of the Ring movies will always be the BEST!


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Ok in no particular order here are some of my all time favourite movies:

- Star Wars (all episodes)
- Rogue One
- Indiana Jones (all of them, including KotCS)
- Jurassic Park series (not Jurassic World because that sucked. One of the worst movies ever)
- Blade Runner
- Alien
- The recent Star Trek movies
- Lord of the Rings trilogy (The Hobbit was not so good)
- Peter Jackson’s King Kong
- Avatar (the wait for the sequel is way too long)
- Transformers series
- District 9
- The Fifth Element
- John Carter (such a shame that the movie flopped)
- Cloverfield (which I regard as the best monster movie ever made)
- 300
- Immortals
- Troy (not Gladiator because it’s one of the most boring and overrated movies in history)
- Mad Max Fury Road
- World War Z
- Snowpiercer (even though a lot of stuff didn’t make sense at all. Still enjoyed it)
- Goodfellas
- Bringing out the Dead
- Pulp Fiction
- Ronin
- James Bond (most of them. Not a fan of Diamonds are Forever, Die Another Day, Never Say Never Again)
- Predator
- Apocalypse Now
- Black Hawk Down
- Jarhead
- Saving Private Ryan
- Austin Powers trilogy (funniest movies ever)
- Napoleon Dynamite
- Kung Pow Enter the Fist haha
- Some Pixar movies
- Shrek
- Kung Fu Panda
- Rango
- Tin Tin
- Spirited Away
- Aladdin and Lion King (for nostalgic reasons. First two movies I ever saw I think)
- The Gods Must be Crazy
- Fiela se Kind (the movie made me cry lol)
- Tsotsi

All I can think of right now but I know there are more


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The Life of PI


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i ve to say i come here a lot, picking stuff of other posters favs that i have never watched, and mostly they turn out very enjoyable.


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I like all the Godfather movies


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