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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Monday 20 May 2013


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I can’t believe this is finally happening. Smile

Yesterday’s scene was an ending in more ways than one. It was obviously taken from a game’s ending, and also concluded 10 days devoted to that particular theme.

Those who have been keeping count may have noticed that it also marked the end of the first year of the revived Adventure Game Scene of the Day. Spanning an entire year, those 365 scenes (including six posted by Fien) covered 330 different games, including 10 alternate editions of games already covered. (And no, it’s no coincidence at all that those ended up being round numbers.) The historical significance of some of the games showcased may be debatable, but I think that, overall, those 330 games paint a fair picture of the diversity of the genre and its many subgenres.

Finally, yesterday’s scene was particularly special to me because it also marked yet another ending: that of my tenure as the person in charge of the Adventure Game Scene of the Day. I originally had very little idea where this was going or what I was doing, but ever since I started planning the long-term future of the AGSD last July, it had been my goal to do exactly one year of it – and to conclude with a self-referential ending-themed series. 365 scenes seemed like a good number to cover most of the games I thought worth discussing, and having an end-date to count down to was pretty much the only thing that kept me going on those mornings when I really didn’t want to turn on the computer and find something to post.

And so here we are. The one-year anniversary. Looking back, I can’t say that I’m happy with every single one of these threads – far from it. My goal when I decided to revive the Adventure Game Scene of the Day was to try to rekindle that mix of in-depth discussion of the games’ contents and crazy banter that, on the best days, was the hallmark of the AGSD of old. Clearly, in that respect, this year has been a dismal failure. And while, as I said, I think I managed to keep the selection of games well balanced, the choosing of the actual scenes and the opening comments were always very personal and quite a bit of my own personality and daily state of mind seeped through. I know I probably couldn’t have picked a worse year for that, and I’m sure I’ve managed to annoy, offend or cause to facepalm every single one of you on regular occasions. Still, if the AGSD may have made some people feel like replaying games or trying out new ones, it all may have been somewhat worth it.

Today, we’re back where we started a year ago: April and the White Dragon, Death and Rebirth. And it’s for you to decide if the Adventure Game Scene of the Day should be reborn in yet another incarnation, or if it’s time to let it die, at least for a while. Maybe someone will want to take up the burden for a year of their own (my only advice to this person: don’t). Maybe a small, dedicated group of people could coordinate to do it together. Maybe people will start posting a scene on a first-come-first-serve basis until the whole thing degenerates into chaos and eventually peters out. Or maybe, after 365 scenes and 330 games, it is time for the AGSD to rest a bit. I don’t know, and I will not get involved in any way in the future of the AGSD (although I guess I might be tempted to do another round of Scenies at the end of the year – that was fun). So it’s for you to decide! I’ll personally be taking a long-overdue extended break away from the forums, so I won’t be here to see what happens.

Just don’t break anything while I’m gone.


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Thank you, Kurufinwe! I, for one, will miss the AGSD and your dry wit.


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Thank you Kuru for all your effort. It was a pleasure reading your options and views in your daily AGSD thread and it will surely be missed.


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Thanks for hard work, Kurufinwe.
Checking AGSD has been kind of a daily routine since I rejoined the boards (and adventure games on general) last year so it’ll kind of weird not seeing tomorrow. Hope someone will continue the feature Smile


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Thanks for the AGSD Kurufinwe, it was always a joy to see what new scene had be posted today, and i will miss it.
It must have been hard work constantly coming up with new scenes to post, and i appreciate the effort.


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This was definitely a lot of work, Kuru, and I appreciate your efforts to keep it going.  I enjoyed reading each and every thread, even if I hadn’t played the game featured, and you often made me smile.  Thank you very very much!


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I, for one, have really enjoyed the AGSD threads - they’ve been some of the best parts of the entire forum. It’s a shame to see them end, but I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner. I certainly wouldn’t be able to keep up the daily fix for an entire year! Thanks a ton, Kurufinwe.


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I wondered if you were gearing up to this, Kurufinwe, when you wrote yesterday:

Kurufinwe - 19 May 2013 08:13 PM

I’ll be posting a full list of all my Adventure Game Scenes of the Day very soon.

It sounded like a retirement gesture, especially combined with a series on best endings. I am sorry to have suspected correctly, but all things come to an end. Thanks for your efforts; these have been a fun celebration of the breadth of the genre.

Enjoy your break from the forums, but I hope you will drop in now and again!


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for the conflicts and disagreeing ,the happiness of remembering some scene or a title to those players whom for your threads went digging for a lost/missing treasure ...
what you did was totally great .

thanks Kuru , i will miss you scenes ... i think its hard to find someone to fill your space ! take your rest and we are waiting for you .


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Kurufinwe - 20 May 2013 11:07 AM

Still, if the AGSD may have made some people feel like replaying games or trying out new ones, it all may have been somewhat worth it.

Then you can rest assured, that it has been somewhat worth it Wink . In addition to being a feature that without a doubt has made this forum a lot more interesting, you have indeed inspired me, and surely many others, to replay several oldies I forgot about, aswell as eloquently providing insight about (and in some cases even convinced me to play) titles I otherwise would have ignored, or never heard about. I regret not participating more in the discussions, but I have certainly been appreciating your effort, and for that I thank you.

Your daily posts will surely be missed! Smile


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Thanks for the amazing effort, Kuru! The AGSD was a great daily part of the forum, and it’ll be sorely missed.
There were many titles that were featured that I had never heard about but that now made it onto my list of games to play, thanks to your daily threads. They were both educational and fun!

Enjoy your well-deserved break from the forums! And when withdrawal starts setting in, we’ll be right here… Wink

P.S.: I’ve received your list and I will post the year-long overview.


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What commitment - thanks Kuru! You definitely brought my attention to lot of interesting looking games that I never knew existed! Games like Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb have since become favourites.


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Thanks for your daily support of the AGSOFD. It has been a daily ritual of mine for a very long time to check your updates. Very fun reading and it also gave me some inspiration to play some games that I never heard of before. Thanks, mate. Big shouts from the Swede living in Australia!


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Thank you so much for your effort!
I might not have commented, but I have been by regularly, and always made sure to check out your posted screenshots. Smile

Amazing work! Grin


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Thanks for a year of scenes! I read each and every one of them Smile


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You’ve established an institution, Kurufinwe; it’s a bit of a shock to see it put on a hiatus (or rather: in limbo). The AGSD has been a forum favourite for me, I’ve been checking it daily. Thanks for the awesome work.

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