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Ken Allen’s kickstarter


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(I couldn’t find a mention of this on the forum - admins, feel free to merge/delete/whatever if I was mistaken)

Ken Allen, the composer for a bunch of Sierra titles back in the day, has apparently joined the Sierra revival with his very own kickstarter project. I just learned about it so it’s already in its final hours (and it’s already been funded). The plan is to re-record some of the music he composed for King’s Quest and Space Quest using a full orchestra (or, rather, full instrument libraries).

Go check it out if you want to (effectively) preorder your copy or if you want to contribute to the cool stretch goal, which is within reaching distance (“I will write a thank-you song with lyrics containing the first names of all the backers in the spirit of Animaniacs - Nations of the World song.”) The kickstarter page is here.


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