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AG Community Playthrough #64 – Oknytt


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Welcome everyone to the Oknytt AG Community playthrough!!!

Oknytt is a charming game that received praise from many media and was a candidate for a community playthrough here for years. I have a soft spot for it and I am exremely pleased that a chance was given to it to finally shine.  Smile

Oknytt was created in 2013 by Nemoria entertainment. It is a traditional point n click 3rd person adventure game with many unique elements.

The story: The entire game is basically a -somewhat simplistic- story of a ‘‘small, insignificant creature’‘, told to us, by an unknown narrator. It is a dark faerie tale, inspired by Swedish folklore. Many creatures, locations and situations in the game are extremely unique and adds to the distinctive element of the game. There is an encyclopedia-option in the menu where details of what we meet are presented. Smile
Though the story is kinda bleak, and many of the creatures we meet can be grotesque, we will never walk into scary material. And since we talk about darkness, time to meet another element of the game.

The graphics: Do not expect excellent hand-drawn graphics, etc. They are good, but that’s it. It is the style that is the distinctive element here. They are all in (almost) black and white. Or more specifically, dark sepia colors, that add to the ‘‘old story that it is told’’ perspective and I personally find them very fitting. Despite the colors, necessary details and style are distinctive. The creatures we meet and the world in general are drawn in a very storybook-like manner that also adds to the ‘‘we never walk in scary territory’’ effect.

The sound: IMHO, one of the best parts of the game. Since Oknytt is but a story told to us, every voice in the game comes from the same voice actor (Brian Hall), who narrates the story. Every comment our protagonist makes, every creature we meet, every comment the narrator says. It is personally one of the best voice actor performances I have ever witness in a game.

The gameplay: Oknytt is a very traditional point’n click adventure. The cursor uses a variation of the well-known ‘‘coin’’ and it is very practical. We use it to grab, talk to or read things. There is inventory where all our items are stored like most traditional games of the genre. The somewhat unique gameplay element of the game comes from the small creature’s ability to control the 4 elements (fire, water, air, earth). Whenever you try to use any of them in any screen you can be rewarded with a small animation that can be something entirely insignificant (like f.e. earth can cause some grass to grow) or something entirely necessary for a puzzle. In general I always tried all my powers in every screen. Even small animations were cute and greeted with a smile from me as a reward.

The puzzles: Oknytt is a somewhat hard game. There is a good variation in puzzles (Inventory, interaction, exploration, etc), but many of them can be hard. Nothing in Discworld levels, thank God, but there were some instances where some inventory combinations were kinda illogical, an area of interaction was hard to find causing pixel hunting or a puzzle was hard on its own. But this is why we are all together in this and warnings or tips will be given if needed. In general though, the game is hard but fair.

Oknytt is available through Stream so it is easy obtainable. Unfortunately, it is Windows only (Sorry Lady K….  Cry ).

We will offcicially start the playthrough in 18/01, giving time to everyone obtain the game and solve any possible technical issues (or finishing previous AGC Playthroughs Wink ).

Finally, as always, the usual and necessary request to everyone to stay on topic, use spoiler tags whenever needed and generally join in a good-heart spirit.

Whoever has the game installed and ready to go, please confirm it below. Also, please inform if this is your first time of the game or not.

EDIT: Pin the thread please.  Smile


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Joined 2011-10-21


I’m installed and ready to start. Cool

As often happens, this will be my first time playing the game. Innocent


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Joined 2007-08-13


I’ve bought and installed the game. This will be the first time I play it. Looks intriguing!


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Joined 2005-07-07


I started playing this a few years ago, liked it but for some reason never got very far into it. IIRC it is based on Swedish/Scandinavian folklore, a little like Year Walk but with a more traditional adventure game feel and interface.

Maybe I’ll try to participate in this one, which would be a first.Smile

Edit: Installed and working.


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Joined 2013-08-25


Installed the game, ready to start the playthrough.

Edit: it’s my first time, just like everyone’s else) As I wrote in the voting thread, I don’t even know what to expect from the game. Only from Sefir’s description I learned that it’s a traditional inventory-based adventure - and I like that.


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Joined 2017-08-27


Installed the game, ready to play!
Edit: First time playing.


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Joined 2005-12-06


Installed and ready. First timer.


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I didn’t like the Steam-only option. And I don’t like playing a current CPT before I have finished the last one. But I’ve downloaded the game. Do not know if it is installed yet. I’ve not played it before. But it sounded too intriguing to pass up. Should be able to let you know tomorrow if I’m ready to go.

Edit: Got to the main menu page, so I guess it’s running.


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