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Secret Files 3 - Please help - urgent

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Secret Files 3 – In MaX’S OFFICE
As usual I’m good & proper stuck quite early on and need a kind person to help me out.  But please do not reply with a SPOILER !!  I suppose I could get that from a walkthru’ but from experience, I know that once I look at a spoiler early on in a game I keep on looking at it frequently afterwards. So far I haven’t needed any walkthru’ !
Just a gentle hint will be fine.
I HAVE BEEN OVER EVERY ITEM IN THE OFFICE ALMOST WITH A FINE TOOTHCOMB MANY TIMES AND SPENT SOMETHING LIKE 2 HOURS TRYING EVERY INVENTORY ITEM ON EVERYTHING (e.g.. Desk, Aquarium, Picture, Open Drawer, Model, Air Conditioner, Fridge, Radio etc. and nothing works. I opened the drawer and took 3 items into inventory and seen a number there !
ALL my inventory items are as follows :-
Ice-cold Tool; Book, Photos & City map (from drawer); Key; Table of Contents & Book (from Australia Puzzle); Backpack.
I am wondering whether there is a bug, or a corruption in the program.


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Hi Len, did you look at that painting on the wall? Could it have a hidden meaning?


Madre de Dios, es el Pollo Diablo!

You are here: HomeForum Home → Gaming → Hint Requests & Technical Problems → Thread

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