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A fork of ScummVM for upscaled graphics

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Joined 2006-01-09


Many people are asking for upscaled graphics version of classics adventure The Curse of Monkey Island. Sadly there seems to be no interest from distributor as no such version was announced. In such cases with older neglected games fans usually come to rescue and we have already nice upscaled backgrounds made by Laserschwert: https://www.reddit.com/r/GameUpscale/comments/buizw0/the_curse_of_monkey_island/
There is just problem how to put them into the game. ScummVM project seems to be a good basis for that, as is shown in similar project ResidualVM and its great implementation of HD patch for The Longest Journey. https://tljhd.github.io/
Unfortunately the ScummVM project leader seems to have no interest in supporting upscale packs. Please, correct me, if I’m wrong, I have only an information from the official forums where he rather absurdly claims ScummVM cannot support it, as the computers would not handle injecting it in real time, while people there do not ask for such feature and just want similar implementation as has ResidualVM for The Longest Journey. https://forums.scummvm.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=14787
So now only remaining option seems to me a fork of ScummVM as it is an open source project. Is there somebody reading this forum with programming skills and willingness for such task? I’m sure lots of fans of this game would appreciate that very much.


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Joined 2013-03-14


What Sev objected was the notion of having something like ESRGAN running realtime with ScummVM, which is a notion that wouldn’t be feasible yet, as realtime ESRGAN calculation does take time. Depending on your hardware and targeted upscale, from seconds to tens of minutes. 

I don’t think he was against high-resolution packs as such. But even with the case of HR packs, someone would have to make HR conversions (done in some cases) and then implement them into the game itself. That would mean tinkering with the game-related code and adding hooks where the graphics would have to be injected etc. That in itself is also a big task, which would fall on the shoulders of whoever was willing to do so, as the main devs are too busy with other things.

You do have to understand, that something like this is not a weekend project. All the current upscale projects, be it the Longest Journey or Final Fantasy-ESRGAN upscales are works of passion usually for a single individual, who has been willing to dedicate their own time for the project.

I do think some of these projects will come to fruition at some point. Doing upscale is a relatively simple task in itself and several different styles of models exists, making the thing even simpler if you don’t want to train your own scale model. It’s just a question of when that one, dedicated individual gets excited enough to do so.


Total Posts: 23

Joined 2006-01-09


I agree that it would not be an easy task. But the Monkey Island games have still lots of fans so I hope that there is a chance that somebody among them will have the skills and will to do it.


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