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Single non-review user ratings not showing on game details page


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Joined 2011-10-21


I was going through my list of “recently” finished games to update my user ratings.

When opening the game page for The Fool’s Errand, the User Rating section appeared empty:

Clicking “Post a review” however showed that I had already entered a rating for this game (which is plausible, it was a replay for me after all).

After editing my existing rating (and adding my time played and the perceived difficulty but not adding an actual written review), I got this screen:

Clicking the “View game entry” button lead me here:

All is well, I thought. But the game details page still shows no user ratings entered…

If it’s policy to not show user ratings if only one has been entered (I checked the back-end, mine was the only rating), then it probably should be made clear in the game details page. Or alternatively, just show the user rating even if no actual user review was written for it…
Also, it would be nice if I could just enter a star rating instead of having to go to the “post a review” page. I can do this for all games that already have other user ratings, but not ones where mine would be the first…


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