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Tokyo Mirage Sessions # FE (remake is here!)


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In case any of you missed this amazing Fire Emblem/Shin Megami Tensei (persona) cross over when it was on the wii u, it has finally come to switch!  I seriously bought a wii u for this game.  So now I’m happy others will get a chance to play one of the best RPG’s I’ve ever played about being a japanese pop star or actor!

I guess the question I want to put forward to you all is:

The encore version just came out on switch?!  Have any of you picked up the switch version?  I am excited to see what was changed.  Some of the characters on the front of the box look different, so I’m interested did they add a new character or something?

It plays exactly like persona (there is no talking or catching monsters like in other SMT games) except your personas are now characters from Fire Emblem series, and you can exploit the weapon triangle from FE games.

Please buy it if you like these series, and it you have already bought it or played it, tells us about any differences from the first release, or what you enjoyed. 

I really love chaining together attacks, and seeing the awesome musical performances by japanese idol/popstars.


Can we be friends please?

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