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More Gustav MacPherson games?

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Joined 2007-03-25


Playing Still Life again (for the 12th or so time), as I do every year around the holidays (such a good holidays game!), and I thought I’d write that we seriously need a series based specifically on Gus MacPherson’s cases. The characters mention the Paris case (Post Mortem, which I also love) and the London case, which has yet to be made into a game.

Anyone else wanting more in this series? Not the Vic MacPherson cases, like Still Life 2, but these historic murder mysteries by this great artist-turned-detective? Really wish someone would pick this up as a series.


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Joined 2005-07-07


I really enjoyed Still Life. Not so much Post Mortem. The game mechanics, especially the dialog system, destroyed what could have been a good game. I remember some really strange leaps in logic, like being able to ask people about stuff that you hadn’t even found or found out about in the game yet. Sloppy game design, relying on the player doing things exactly in a certain order without making that path mandatory or even the most logical. Thematically games like Post Mortem and Still Life are just my cup of tea though, so I’d be interested in more games in the series. I’d really like to see a remake of Post Mortem with a more traditional and simple style of gameplay, like the one in Still Life.

Oh, and I seem to be one of few people who think Still Life 2 is a good game. Much better than Post Mortem imo.


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