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Noir Diaries - adventure game for fans of noir

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So it begins. It’s my first post here and I want to show you something about my game. Of course, it will point and click game. And I hope you will enjoy it in the near future.

I called her a Noir Diaries for a reason. I always love the noir style and criminal books, especially wrote by Raymond Chandler, Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie and from polish writers – Marek Krajewski.

It’s time to do something own. My private game in noir stylish which should be appreciated by fans of story-driven games set in a retro atmosphere. Hope you will like it. If yes, I will proud of my work.

The website was started. FB fan page and Twitter as well. So after a short break to take care of social media, I’m coming back to work on the main thing - the game and the story.

Ask me anything and I’ll try to reply. And of course follow me on a social, website and here. There is no better motivation.

E-mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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Please let us know here more about your 1st game?  Smile


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Let me answer your question.

Noir Diaries is a point and click PC adventure game maintained in the noir style, taking you to the United States from the 1930s.

Playing as a young police detective, Raymond Ellroy, you have to investigate the brutal murder committed in an alley. This is a story-driven game with a strong, engaging atmosphere. For those who love retro criminal plot.

To be honest it’s a game focused on history and atmosphere, not puzzles.

You can also follow my website where I am publishing back story of the game.

Hope you will interested this game.



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