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The Land of the Seazogs (new game announcement)

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I’m Manel García, a game developer from Spain. I have a new game close to be released, The Land of the Seazogs. It’s a Sci-Fi point & click adventure, with a deep retro feel. The player must solve puzzles in order to progress, with classic mechanics: scene exploration and use of objects.

The main character is Professor Meme, a renowned 164-year-old genetic scientist, who receives a mysterious call for help from his old friend Gustav, the head of the animal research base on Zerulia, an inhospitable planet inhabited by ancient aquatic creatures: the Seazogs. Meme soon discovers that something very worrying is happening there and he must intervene to solve a problem of unimaginable scope.

The game incorporates elements of a recognizable future, with a mystery vibe and peculiar characters. Dialogues are full of alternative readings and humour. I’d also like to praise the original music composed by Mark Sparling (@Markymark665), I think he’s done a pretty good job.

It will be available for PC and Mac and localized in English, Spanish and Galician.

You can watch the trailer here:


And you can get the game here:





I’d love to hear your opinions, hope you like it




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Hi Manel!

Your game looks very interesting. We will make sure to add it to the database and write an announcement piece for the front page.

I look forward to getting to know more about Professor Meme.


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Thanks a lot! Meme will be very happy to know it :-)


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