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The Witch’s House

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Joined 2006-09-08


Has anyone tried this? It’s a FREE Japanese game that has recently been translated into English, here’s a YouTube intro:

Basically, it’s a top down horror/adventure game with a nice creepy atmosphere, some sudden deaths (plenty of opportunities to save though), some blood and horror - it’s also funny and, in places, rather sad. There are two possible endings. Average play time for the first playthrough is about 2 to 3 hours.

I loved it - it has a great story and there’s plenty in it for people to get their brains around. Some nice puzzles too, all of which seem pretty logical.

As per the YouTube description from the English translator:


You must install the RPG Maker VX RTP from the link below in order to play.

The Witch’s House (Majo no Ie) is a freeware puzzle-oriented horror game by Fummy made in RPG Maker VX, which I translated into English.

I understand that it’s perfectly safe to download and install - no Trojans or other nasties (there’s a lot of Let’s Plays of it on YouTube and nobody has reported any problems over the past month).


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Hi Irongiant909,
I am trying to download the witch’s house and I am having some trouble with downloading the rpg maker RTP but the link is not working . Is there any other place to download it from? Thank you Smile


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The zip file is blocked by my antivirus. I get the message about a possible malware intrusion. Here’s the link to get RPG Maker VX RTP - http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run-time-packages/



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