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Alternate Reality Games (ARG): comments, reviews, opinions


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In part this thread is inspired by the Ahnayro review on the main page and also the Text Adventure thread, I thought it would be useful to have a place to discuss this unique subset of adventure games.

If anyone doesn’t know what these are - they are adventure games where you need to use the internet to do research to solve puzzles in the game.

So far I have played The Black Watchmen game (first one only) and really loved it. It was unsettling to come across pages which looked real (and sometimes were real) and discussed occult material. The type of puzzling and thinking is different from regular adventure games, and something to get used to, but once you get into the rhythm it is quite addictive. I plan on playing the sequel but Ahnayro looks even more interesting so I may decide to play that first.


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I tried my hand at Perplex City ten years ago and realized pretty soon that it was far, far too difficult for me. One of those games where you need the hive mind to get anywhere. Quite popular at the time, if my memory serves me well. Two years ago I moved and came across dozens of Perplex City cards stacked away in a drawer. I now regret throwing them out.  Embarassed

I finished Oxenfree last week, which includes an ARG based on morse codes. Solved, I think. (Not by me, just read about it.)


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I don’t think I’ve ever played a game like this, but I’m interested. I liked the research part with Sidney in GK3, that would like a giant, real-world version of it.
I’ve played Oxenfree, but after the additional, real-life riddle with the morse codes had been solved. That’s a great example of collaboration between players of an otherwise single-player game.

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