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Still Life 2 - Stuck at Charred Door -  (SOLVED)

Total Posts: 28

Joined 2009-04-17


Hello guys…i’ve been playing still life 2 nowadays, and i am becoming extremly frustrated of being stuck at one point in the game….NEED HELP


Garrison is working on the lock of the charred door, and Vic is waiting for Claire’s call for identifying the name of the suspect after vic told her about the number plate on the trailer in the backyard. I have recieved the first call with the rhyming names (larson, marson, carson)....but no matter what i do, i cant get her to call vic again (second call) and as a result not triggering the opening of the charred door…any ways around this…coz im stuck to the point that im starting to consider uninstalling the game…

Any save games after charred door is opened would be greatly appreciated!!


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Joined 2012-01-02


he what i guess you missed

you must Use the rope on the dumbwaiter. Just to check, climb down and then back up.
to Find more clues about the killer…then she should call you and you find the door open

i give you that for wanting to finish SL2 ... i uninstalled long time ago Smile


Total Posts: 28

Joined 2009-04-17


I already did that a while ago….could that be coz of a fault in game…or am i still missing something

EDIT: I got it! finally! I went back to the older sample clues and i found that i had analyzed one of the items by only 50%. Because of that little mistake, i couldn’t move further in the game….can’t tell you how frustrating it was Grin


You are here: HomeForum Home → Gaming → Hint Requests & Technical Problems → Thread

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