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IM-buddy (MSN, Google Talk, etc) thread

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Joined 2011-10-23


7 years ago my MSN was full of life and whenever you had a quick question or needed to bounce some feedback on someone there was always SOMEONE availible…

Nowadays mine is mostly a ghost town, when I ask RL friends why they aren’t online they mostly just say they posts on eachother facebook walls and has no real use for IM any more, and when it comes to all my old forum buddies over the years who knows where they’ve gone; their old @hotmail addresses probably don’t even work any more!

So it would be great to have some adventure gamers on my IM! so if anyone wants to add me here’s mine:

codenameKP4   (——at——)  gmail.com
(Works for both MSN and GoogleTalk, however I don’t use it for email at all)
(Since I use the all-IM-types program Pidgin I could also add other types)

about me: I’m an adventure game fan (the more noir-ish the better), also I worked in the games-industry for a while.

Don’t leave me hangin’, bro!!


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