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Charley keeps playing… part 3


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Another murder has occured. This time a double murder within few minutes from one another. MO just like Jack the ripper’s double murder of the canonic five. Near the second body there was a note. Police detectives question the reason for changin the MO back to ripper after the zodiac’s MO. It was defenately concluded that solving the riddle in the note with combining the previous clues will lead to the killer.
here is the content of the note:

“Almost boring. I really expected more. I can kill freely and yet no chase behind me. I follow the paper eager to see any advancement on the case, but all you guys are doing is checking surelliance, family and friends and tech services. I wonder if I should even bother with leaving you this next clue. You should know my name. Now you’ll know my year of birth. Either way I’m tired of this. This game is no fun without a Sherlock. This will be the last of my work. If we meet, I’ll know i was wrong. If you don’t cath me, though, I bid you farewell.

J is on and Z is none
add a week’s worth and you get the year I was born
with my name and this date is should easy to find
the name which is me or else you stay blind.


You are here: HomeForum Home → Other → Chit Chat → Thread

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