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You will believe a baby can fly - Grimoire on indiegogo.com!

Total Posts: 3

Joined 2004-05-11


The mythical RPG vapourware Grimoire goes to crowdfunding after more than 17 years of development.  Any friend of the genre owes it to himself at least to watch the campaign pitch at:


It’s first person and turn based in the style of classics like Wizardry, and massive. You can by pledging or spreading the word help this legendary project come out the juggernaut it has the potential to be.

(to be clear, I didn’t register to advertise - I only haven’t been around since the forums changed.)


Total Posts: 974

Joined 2007-02-23


I usually pride myself on knowing a lot about gaming history… but I’m ashamed to say I’ve never ever heard about this.


Total Posts: 3

Joined 2004-05-11


I hear it was big on Usenet.

Another thing; in accordance with indiegogo’s funding model, the game will be released whether or not the high goal sum is met, so one needn’t hesitate on that account. What money is gathered will go to reclaiming production costs accumulated over the years and to get the game -which at this point is largely finished, with a functional beta of a previous version from the nineties floating around- out in the best possible state.

Gameplay videos on youtube.


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