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‘Just right’ diffcult in user reviews


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Joined 2011-03-14


When posting a user review you have 5 difficult settings to chose between: ‘Very easy’, ‘Easy’, ‘Just right’, ‘Hard’ and ‘Very hard’. The problem I have with this, is that the middle one is a subjective evaluation of the difficulty depending on your own preferences, whereas the others are an objective rating of the difficulty.

I have just posted a review of a quite difficult game, which presented me with a bit of a dilemma. I happen to like games that have difficult puzzles, so for me the difficulty was ‘Just right’, but at the same time the games was quite difficult, and a ‘Just right’ rating would probably confuse my fellow AG’ers more than inform them.

Can’t you simply rename the ‘Just right’ rating to ‘Medium’ or something similar, so they are consistent. Or if for some reason you don’t want to drop the ‘Just right’, then rename the others to ‘Far too easy’, ‘Too easy’, ‘Too difficult’ and ‘Way too difficult for me’, so they are at least all consistently subjective?


You have to play the game, to find out why you are playing the game! - eXistenZ

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