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Personal game database

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Joined 2003-09-12


Hi! Just one suggestion for a feature I have wanted for the last five years.
We have this large database for all these games. We have reviews in place. But a thing I’m missing is the possibility to build up a personal database for owned titles (have played, currently playing, haven’t played) and wish list.

This could be done easily like “Add this game to my collection” or simply press “Wish list” on the games’ pages. Then it would all be accessible on our personal profile. For the wish list there could be linked to GOG, Steam and so on (With a referral code that AdventureGamers could get some out of it).

If it’s out of print, there could even be some kind of marketplace if anyone want to sell / exchange games, also with an additional fee that goes directly to AdventureGamers.

Maybe we could even see others playing the same game we are playing at the moment, plus what other people are saying (reviews) about it. It would also be a better way to see the reviews we’ve already written. I know we have ‘Your Ratings’ already, but it’s kind of messy.

If we should take some inspiration from iMDB (watch list, reviewed titles, and even personal lists.)

Would it be easy to add this feature to the site, or is there any plans to add this function already?


- Atle

Last Completed
Kelvin and the Infamous Machine ★★★

Currently Playing
The Night of the Rabbit 20% ★★★★★
Fran Bow 80% ★★★★
Batman: A Telltale Game Series 40% ★★★★★
Kelvin and the Infamous Machine 25% ★★★★

Next Up
Sam & Max: The Devils Playhouse (40%) on hold
The Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles
Runaway: A Twist of Fate 50% (on hold)

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