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Games Database Filters/Hidden Objects

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Joined 2012-11-04


First of all, I think that this site, particularly the games database, is the definitive resource for genre fans. A debt of gratitude is owed to the staff and contributors.
My question pertains to the search filters and saturation of the database with hidden object titles. Is there an available option to filter out or exclude certain results when setting parameters? Games of this category are very well-represented and can sometimes impede database browsing, particularly regarding first-person adventures generally. The filter settings seem straightforward but perhaps I have misunderstood them.

Thanks for your time Cool


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Joined 2012-02-17


Actually, it’s long been my wish to have a full-scale Show/Hide option for both casual games and freeware games, such that they can be removed from the database equation entirely, but that proved problematic in the past (or at least, we never got around to it). I haven’t yet bugged AG’s new(ish) owner and tech guru about that possibility, though, so now’s a good time! Grin

So to answer your question specifically, there’s currently no way to filter out any games with particular elements. But I totally agree that at the very least, we should be able to provide the two filters mentioned above.


Editor-in-Chief, some obscure little site called Adventure Gamers

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