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Anyone know a Game Engine that supports TEXT PHRASING?


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Hi… I’m thinking of starting a hobby adventure game project and looking for game engine to do it in. I would like to build a text phaser and use it for controlling the game, like the old Space Quest and Space Quest 2 type thing.

I have looked into WME and Visionaire but they have no system in place to do this kind of thing. I believe AGS can but haven’t looked to far into it because while I want the old input style I was hoping to not have the old school graphic look.

I thought people may know of some other options I could look at.


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About AGS: As long as you are happy with 2D, graphics can actually be quite good. Default resolution goes up to 1024 x 768, and from what I heard there are some modules that allow you to go even higher. GUIs can be customized all you like, so you are not stuck with the default Sierra/LucasArts-like template GUIs either. And you can just use 32-bit color, so you are definitely not stuck to the old school graphic look. Unless of course you want to go for full 3D. That it can’t do.

Otherwise I don’t think I know of a parser engine combined with good graphics. You may want to pick an engine in which you have a lot of freedom in scripting (like AGS has) and write a parse module yourself. A rudimentary parser should not be too difficult to write when you know a bit about programming. Maybe Adventure Creator is an option if you want to do that. It is Unity-based, so graphics-wise that would definitely keep you out of old-school territory. I am not sure how much freedom you get in scripting your own modules (they advertise it as being very scripting-lite if you don’t want to, but they assured me there are quite some scripting options as well), but I guess it would be possible to build a parser out of it. If not, you can go full-blown Unity and write it in C#, but I guess these options all depend on how comfortable you are with programming.


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I’ll second what Luna says about AGS. If you’re going for 2D then a game made in AGS will look as good as you/your team can make it and it is possible to go beyond 1024x768 if you need to.

The text parser isn’t that often used but is pretty good with an easy to add to word list, capable of dealing with synonyms (which you can define) and with an ignore list etc.

The main downside to AGS is that it isn’t simple to port AGS games to mobile devices (although it certainly can be done and you’ll find some on the apple store and google play).

If you want games playable on mobile and in 3D then you’re definitely better off coding your own parser in unity etc. as Luna says.

So basically, ignore this post because it just repeats what Luna said! Wink


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If you are not looking to sell the game you can use SCI Companion and develop a game like SQ3 http://scicompanion.com/ and get help from http://sciprogramming.com/community/


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