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King’s Quest 2015 Need Cheat code help

Total Posts: 16

Joined 2012-06-30


No No No Is there any cheat codes please for this game keep getting frozen to death. I admit that i suck at timing jumping puzzles like the one near end of chapter 3.

Almost forgot to tell you Windows Version


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Joined 2003-09-12


rI doubt there are any codes.

I didn’t find it too difficult once I knew the path (in fact I found myself going so fast Graham was off the top of the screen at times), but I was on the Xbox One version.

You just have to keep moving - if you stop, the ice will catch you. As long as you’re aiming for the handholds and platforms, I don’t know what’s causing you to get held up.

PC players can’t really offer a save game either, with this being the last main sequence of the game.


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Total Posts: 16

Joined 2012-06-30


YES Yes Yes Smile  Finally got passed that stupid Timing jumping puzzle at end of Chapter 3 decided to try Turbo program to slow it down. And it worked except very last part than had to turn it off to finish it.


You are here: HomeForum Home → Gaming → Hint Requests & Technical Problems → Thread

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