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Joined 2004-12-30


This makes me happy!

Not going to read the article, though, as I’m not finished (thought I was, but now I happily think I’ve got a bit longer to go—won’t say why due to spoilers). I’d happily get DLC, as I’m certain that they’d do a good job of it (as the creators of DX:HR did). Hopefully it won’t cost through the roof, though. Still cynical about DLC’s thing of making you pay even more money to get more of the story.


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I must say I really enjoyed Dishonored; I loved the whole steampunk / Bioshock take on things.

My chaos throughout the game was pretty high. I started off with a little bit of stealthing, then I just shot and stabbed everyone for a while. I did one mission where I didn’t kill a single soul and got the ghost award, but after that I found hiding the bodies too tiring, so I got the power which turned people to ash and just stabbed them in the neck from behind.

I didn’t actually assassinate any of my targets, I always eliminated them by non-lethal means, but I still got the high-chaos / ‘bad’ ending.

The only disappointment actually was the ending, I always feel I deserve a bit more of a cutscene after all I went through.

I look forward to some DLC, hopefully we’ll find out a bit more about the nature of the Outsider.


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Joined 2004-12-30


Completed it today!

I enjoyed it too, and - despite getting low chaos, and therefore a different ending - I was still disappointed with how quickly it all just passes by after to complete the last bit of gameplay. I suppose when the rest of the game is so detailed and massive, it’s hard to end it in a way that fits with that.

I’d love a bit of DLC because, though my scepticisms about the whole idea of paid-for DLC remain, I’m sure they’d put a lot in to make it detailed and worth the money. Yadda, yadda.

But yeah, I still don’t get some of the length complaints. In terms of how many days it took to finish, I’m quite sure it’s lasted longer than a lot of other recent games I’ve bought recently (with the exception of ‘Skyrim’, which lasted me most of this year).


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Joined 2005-09-29


DLC books not included in game by default covers some more info



Ending was too fast and short no doubt, but i knew it from impressions earlier.


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Joined 2012-12-19


A really like it, but it’s too bad that it’s soo short.


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