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SpaceNET - A Space Adventure: Release on STEAM this weekend! 

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Joined 2021-02-24


Dear adventurers and sci-fi lovers!

I’m really happy to announce: my new game SpaceNET is going to be released on STEAM on the 27th of February!
If you are into retro sci-fi adventure game, it is time to put it on your wishlist! Smile

STEAM PAGE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1511240/SpaceNET/

As a huge fan of LucasArts, especially Monkey Island/DOTT/Indy4 and Star Wars, I always wanted to develop a game which brings everything together. Here is it!

SpaceNET is a non-linear retro sci-fi adventure. Less graphics, more story! Along with an amazing soundtrack and a really atmospheric soundscape, the minimalist graphics allow a deeper immersion into the story.
This game was a huge project of mine, it took more than 4 years (!) to finish it. But now it is finished and it will be finally released. SpaceNET is now available for Windows, Mac and for Linux. If you want to test it, a demo is already available.
I really hope you’ll enjoy it!

* Minimalist story-driven point-and-click adventure
* Non-linear story: you can move freely and achieve different things at the same time.
* Geeky graphics
* Amazing soundtrack and immersive ambient sounds
* Standard interface optimized for touchscreen
* Retro interface for mouse devices
* Fly in space between planets and spaceships
* Fly on the surface of the planets
* Land on planets and spaceships and explore them
* Talk to people and solve amazing puzzles
* Use your inventory system
* Use a full featured terminal to hack things in the game
* Find money, buy objects
* Dock to a satellite
* Choose between 3 different spaceships
* Collect gems
* Find the network nodes
* Save the universe!


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Joined 2021-02-05


Interesting. As soon as there is an opportunity to watch on steam


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