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Good games for English learners?

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Joined 2012-08-25



A friend of mine is learning English (let’s say high-intermediate).
Do you have any recommendations for suitable adventure games?

Desirable properties:
1. Dialogues/narration uncluttered by overcomplicated vocabulary.
2. Dialogues/narration should be replayable, or anyway if you miss something it shouldn’t totally lock down your gameplay
3. Mixture of audio/text, subtitles option
4. Laptop PC, modern (Win7) but low-specced (Intel Pentium P6200 @ 2.13GHz (2 cores), 2GB RAM, bundled graphics card)

Thanks!  Smile


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Joined 2012-01-02


Hi Pizza,

i might be able to give an advice on a personal experience here, i had never studied English, i am not from a country that Speaks it nor i went to a language School.

Adventure Gaming were the best which i consider that had taught me the language beside the some other entertainment Medias such (reading novel, watching Movies with Subtitles and reading your favorite Band’s Lyrics and the motivation ) is Text Adventure Games, where there you have enter a correct English text, and read and Listen to the Game’s voices or Commentary.

the problem is most of the Text Adventures are very OLD, and its Hard to find any with voice Acting ,as reading and listing is as important (maybe more) than Texting.

so i guess Monkey Island Special Edition 1st and 2nd parts (those are with Voice acting) Plus Games Like Space Quest (original Sierra’s Releases) 1st,2nd and 3rd (and those with texting without voice acting) would do your friend good (imo).

for Sure he will need to have a dictionary or a translator with him all the Time, but at the end all that are enough without enjoying the genre Plus of course Patience .

P.S: Keep in mind that Grammar and Language Rules still/will need A real Education, but its always nice learn something while enjoying it and that is something Adventures can Provide very good.


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Joined 2008-04-03


When I was a kid with intermediate level English (at best) I’ve been playing many hours of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, as well as Discworld (great games!). I feel both really helped my learning. You can play them in Win7 using ScummVM, and the former is also on Steam.


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Joined 2012-07-10


I’m not a native English speaker myself, and one of the game which helped me improve my skill in English is the Eagle Eye Mysteries, now as the game is design for kids its not really that hard but there is alot of text and you could replay it anytime you want. You could also take a look at your Ipad for the important parts in the conversations.

As far as EA Kids games goes the game is not that bad and if you play the second one, Eagle Eye Mysteries in London, it could be quit good as it deal with British culture and history.

There are dubbed version, however I don’t think you could get it on the net (either via a legal download or a pirate copy) so you should try your luck at ebay.


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