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Adventure Game Scene of the Day - Monday 12 January 2015


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Dracula: The Last Sanctuary (2000) begins with the ending of Dracula: Resurrection, the 1st game in the series, showing protagonist Jonathan Harker escaping Dracula’s castle in a flying machine after rescuing his wife Mina.  Just a week after they have returned to London Jonathan sets out to confront & destroy Dracula who has followed them.
It’s a long time since I’ve played the game but remember finding the story engaging & atmospheric with quite detailed environments that incorporated rich colours & textures in places along with an interesting assortment of well-portrayed characters.   


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The first game in the series (Resurrection) was better IMHO (in fact Dracula: Resurrection is one of the most playable & enjoyable AGs I’ve played), but I enjoyed The Last Sanctuary too.
I’ve played both games a couple of times. They’re ideal for this time of the year (long snowy nights), just like the movie Resurrection owes so much (graphicswise).


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